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Best of both worlds

Industry-leading federated encryption meets agile, scalable cloud storage.

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Best of both worlds

Any box to any box

You use Box but your business partner uses Dropbox? No problem!
Mix and match cloud storage vendors without forcing a common cloud provider.

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Any box to any box

External file sharing

Secure collaboration in the cloud with full IT audit and control and
no reliance on cloud provider for security.

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External file sharing
External file sharingBest of both worldsAny box to any box
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Take Back Control of Your Content

As cloud-based file sharing services become ubiquitous, businesses are increasingly worried about losing control of their content. In addition to heightened concerns on privacy and confidentiality, inability to support compliance requirements keeps many IT executives up at night. AlephCloud's mission is to help you regain control of your content, no matter where it resides.

Zero Knowledge

How to take back control? Our Zero Knowledge technology uniquely enables multi-party secure communications without relying on any “trusted third party”. This drives business agility while ensuring that no cloud provider or system administrator can view your content.

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Content Canopy Zero Knowledge
Content Canopy Overview
Content Canopy Low Cost
Content Canopy IT Reporting & Audit

Decreased Risk

Content Canopy decreases risk by preventing unauthorized access to documents, providing end-to-end encryption, and supporting reporting and auditing of user and document activity. Although documents are encrypted always and everywhere, IT has visibility and can view reports of user and file activity—without accessing the document content.

Lower Costs

Content Canopy drastically decreases both the initial and ongoing cost of doing business safely in the cloud by combining free or low-cost consumer cloud storage with enterprise-grade security. The solution is cloud based, so no IT infrastructure or resources required; groups can be created and administered by licensed users. Invited guests share documents at no additional cost.

Improved UX and Satisfaction

Unlike other secure solutions, Content Canopy presents a simple user experience, such as drag-and-drop and a single consistent document view, making it easy for users to secure their documents. All users in a sharing group see exactly the same view. Licensed users can also sync to mobile devices to allow employees to access their documents safely wherever they are.

Better Business Agility

Content Canopy delivers improved business agility. Sharing important documents securely outside the organization is a snap—no need to force the use of a single storage provider across companies. Licensed users can set up extranet sharing groups in a couple of minutes and can administer their group without IT intervention. Each person can use the cloud provider they prefer, even with in single sharing group.

Join us for a 30-min webinar tomorrow at 10 am pst and find out everything about #cloudsecurity and @AlephCloud @ bit.ly/180fc5x.